Tomato Bisque

I have been addicted to cooking and Pinterest lately. I have some of the best recipes from there. So many are great for the two of us, and some provide plenty of leftovers. My most recent cooking challenge was the Tomato Bisque soup with Grilled Cheese Croutons.

I just purchase tomato bisque soup from a local grocery store. I normally haven’t like tomato soup in the past. Gary and I went to Trader Joe’s a few weeks ago and they had Tomato soup to sample. Absolutely LOVED it. We didn’t get any because we were killing time waiting for a friend, but he promised we would have it in the future.

Next, I started cooking my grilled cheese. I love grilled cheese sandwiches. They are so good and go with EVERYTHING. After cooking I cut up into little triangles. The other I just cut in half. I still used it for tipping but just in case I didn’t like the croutons. I made the same for hubs but dropped the croutons in the soup. He didn’t like it as much because the bread got soggy. NOTE: Leave croutons for dipping on the side.

Final display. The whole meal and the other with me dipping into the soup.

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