5 Elliptical trainer workouts to go from fat to fit

Be it a home gym or commercial gyms for cardio elliptical trainers have become the go-to equipment and for the right reasons. With these machines you can burn tons of calories and work out both your upper and lower body muscles within an hour but only if you pick out the right workouts.

So today we’ll cover 5 easy to do elliptical workouts to help you go from fat to fit.

Grill the core

Want to get rid of the nasty lower belly fat? Well, working out the core on an elliptical is easy. All you need to do is leave the handles.  Without the handles, all your core muscles get engaged in order to help you maintain balance. To further take your workout up a notch you can increase resistance and move your legs faster.

Grill the core

Workout the booty

If your elliptical trainer comes with an incline option you’re in for a real treat if you’re looking to get rid of the excess booty fat. Set your elliptical to a comfortable incline level and add to it as you get comfortable.  For a more advanced workout keep your heels rooted to the machine.

For the treadmill lover

Ever come back frustrated from the gym because you missed out on the treadmill? It’s the elliptical to the rescue and believe it or not this workout is equally effective as on a treadmill and in turn, can help you get your stride right.

All you need to do is let go of the handles and move your hands as you would while running. Move your legs as fast as you can but don’t keep the resistance too high.


For the newbie

For those using the machine for the first time or looking for a cool and easy to do a workout on a rest day, this is ideal. When you move the legs forward it engages your quads and when it moves back it engages the hamstrings and butt.

When you move the hands forward it’s the chest muscles that come into play and when going backward it engages the upper back muscles and if you leave the handles you can torch the excess fat of your core as well. Continue the normal movement for about 45 minutes on a low or medium resistance level.

Interval workout

This is one of the most effective forms of workout and is also easy to do. All you need to do is up to the tempo of your workout for short intervals of about 40-45 seconds at a moderate resistance level and then go easy for about 1 minute.

Continue this for about 10 minutes and as your body develops increase the total time from 10 to 15 minutes and also lower the rest time while increasing the burst time to about 1 minute. Let go of the handles in order to engage more core muscles.

Interval workout

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