Meet The Sports Family

About Me
{Center of my life and marriage}
Living in Charleston, WV
Grew up in Arkansas & Iowa
SEC Cheering (GO Hogs!)
Sports Fanatic
{Baseball and college football are my favorite}
Graduate of Iowa State
(Go Cyclones!)
Love Fountain sodas

Pink is my favorite color

About the Family

The hubs a.k.a Gary 
Loves: baseball (obviously), collecting fitted baseball hats, wings, cookingDislikes: soccer, bad drivers,

Disclaimer: he has been less than helpful on this so sorry you don’t get to him

The pup: Heisman Barkley.
Named After: Heisman Trophy and Matt Barkley (hubs favorite college team)
half dachshund and half jack russell
He is 2 years old.
Loves: Rawhides, hogging the bed, Greenies, people food, rubber ducks, showers (anything with water really)
Dislikes: Being told no, vacuums, peanut butter